The Economy, The Pandemic, & Real Estate with Russell Gray

On today’s show, let’s discuss The Economy, The Pandemic, & Real Estate with Russell Gray.

Russ is co-host of The Real Estate GuysTM Radio Show. An avid student of economics with a diverse background in business,a
investing, mortgage, and financial services, Russ brings unique and practical insights to help entrepreneurial investors
grow and protect their wealth and income through
real estate and real asset investing.

Listen as Russell’s answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips,  key metrics that will help you along your journey. Get inspired with this content as it will help expedite your learning.

Things You’ll Learn from this episode:

  • 4:00 4 Levels of Competence
  •  6:25 Learning from the mistakes of 2008
  • 7:45 Thoughts on offshore investing
  • 8:10 S.W.O.T. Analysis
  • 10:30 Difference between equity & cashflow
  • 13:15 How to value net worth
  • 14:10 How to structure your portfolio for a downturn
  • 15:30 Counter Party Risk what is it and how does it affect you
  • 22:12 Getting into multifamily investing
  • 24:20 Knowing your demographic in your market
  • 28:10 Importance of property manager to your personal economy
  • 29:22 Importance of debt to short the dollar
  • 31:00 Why the Central Bank increase gold reserve
  • 39:10 Why now is the best time to syndicate
  • 41:40 Why the pandemic affects inflation
  • 43:10 Triffin Dilemma
  • 45:20 The currency crisis
  • 50:40 The difference between the economy and the financial markets
  • 58:00 What meter to gauge the financial markets
  • 59:15 Focus on your local economy when investing

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