New Investor Closes 3 Deals In 90 Days with Jeremy Bourgeois

On today’s show, let’s reveals the secret behind this New Investor who Closes 3 Deals In 90 Days with Jeremy Bourgeois.⠀

Jeremy is A US Marine Corps veteran who got out of the military and started a wholesaling business, bought his first rental property, and closed on his first flip in his first 3 months of real estate investing.⠀

Listen to this and learn actionable tips,  key metrics that will help you along your journey. The stories shared will inspire and the content will help expedite your learning.⠀

Things You’ll Learn from this episode:⠀

  • 7:30 The mindset shift to living frugally
  • 8:21 Started with a net worth of $1,000
  • 9:00 Financing the 1st deal from across the country
  • 10:10 A few lifestyle changes helped him save $28,000 in 1 year
  • 16:11 What to do when your financing falls through twice
  • 17:30 Using a Realtor to find off-market deals
  • 20:00 Dealing with problem tenants as a real estate rooking
  • 24:20 Partnering with a Realtor to start a wholesale business
  • 26:35 Starting with a small direct mail campaign
  • 30:05 Finding the 1st wholesale deal
  • 32:55 $6,000 Profit
  • 33:19 The fear of making that 1st offer⠀

Connect with Jeremy Bourgeious

IG: jbourgeois96

FB: Jeremy Bourgeious

Book/Resources Request: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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