Stephanie Maloney: 1st Deal From Hell Closed

On today’s show, we have a very special guest, and that guest to some and maybe a surprise to others that may not be a surprise.
She is a new real estate investor, new to the game. She’s new to wholesaling and I want to welcome my wife, Stephanie Maloney.

Stephanie will provide us a little bit of inspiration and spark to those who are trying to close that first deal that is trying to do things. So let’s get some insight on some of the struggles, and successes on closing this first deal, so don’t miss it! Join us.⠀

Things You’ll Learn from this episode:⠀

6:05 Working with your spouse
7:30 Marketing for that 1st deal what you need to know
9:58 The emotions of not closing a deal for months
11:45 Dealing with deals falling through
14:50 False motivation from sellers
17:02 1st deal phone conversation
21:10 How to verify homeownership
26:00 Adverse Possession what is it?
30:45 Let’s check the numbers on the deal
33:15 Importance of working with a quality team
36:18 Excitement of closing
40:50 Communication and reassuring your seller
42:30 Words of Encouragement (persistence and confidence)⠀

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