Beka Shea: Uses Accountability As A Springboard To Success

In today’s episode learn how the consistent implementation of goals breeds success as a real estate investor.

Beka Shea starting real estate in 2013, She has rehabbed over 60 houses and wholesaled more than 120 deals. Prior to launching her real estate journey, she served as an officer in the US Navy and then spent 7 years working as a mechanical engineer in the energy efficiency arena. After her third daughter was born, she decided to hang up the traveling hat, and focus on real estate investing. My wholesaling journey started when she joined the real estate investing mastermind, 7 Figure Flipping (7FF), in 2016. It began as a path for ensuring a steady supply of properties to feed the rehab machine. After much trial and error in the marketing world, she applied engineering skills to improving ROI by relentlessly evaluating and tweaking marketing forays with real-time feedback. In the process, she began consulting with other high-level investors and launched an elite marketing consulting business, MarketShark, while also running small group accountability sessions for other members of the 7FF Mastermind.

Today she works full-time with the real estate investing mastermind, 7 Figure Flipping, heading up Membership Development, while also providing marketing consulting for some of the nation’s top wholesaling operations.

Listen to this video and learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey. The stories shared will inspire and the content will help expedite your learning.


You’ll Learn:
4:00 How partnering on the 1st deal created success
8:17 Estimating construction cost
11:13 The excitement of closing that 1st deal
14:00 Partnership agreement and what should be in it
15:10 Raising capital from family and setting the expectation
19:45 Transition to wholesaling
21:30 Wholesaling and flipping what are the true description of these niches
22:50 Identifying your superpower
25:30 Knowing what marketing works in your area
27:16 Different avenues for marketing
27:50 Marketing is a living animal
29:50 Creditability packets to your sellers
30:40 Pre-walkthrough instructions and how this help build rapport
34:00 Starting with$2000 what should you do to find deals
36:17 Every dollar spent should equal $3.00 returned
41:00 Accountability, resilience, and consistency how these traits will guarantee success
45:00 Discipline = Freedom
56:00 Why title companies are important to your success as an investor

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