Ashley Wilson: Virtual Flipping From Europe

1 Rental to 40 Million in Real Estate Majority Done Virtually!

Ashley Wilson is a Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Bar Down Investments, and HouseItLook. Bar Down Investments owns and operates large apartment buildings and offers opportunities for investors who are looking to passively own real estate. HouseItLook flips primarily higher-end homes in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prior to real estate, Ashley worked in Clinical R&D for GSK, Wyeth, and Sanofi-Aventis.

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4:10 The trifecta in real estate capital, inventory, and team
5:01 Capital is everywhere when you know where to look
6:40 How capital hurt her process
9:30 Starting with short term rentals
10:45 How being inquisitive help her business
16:58 1 SFR made over 90k in profit in
21:30 Virtual flipping a deal from Europe
22:25 Leveraging technology and buying houses and rehabbing with Facetime
26:30 Virtual wholesaling from Europe
33:45 How Ashley evaluates a deal
35:57 70% Rule would make you miss deals
38:14 Her success equals her team
41:50 How to obtain community bank financing
45:58 Why an investor-friendly Realtor is important
49:39 Transition from SFR to MF
55:20 How Ashley pivoted to asset management
57:00 Women get free real estate education

59:22 HOT SEAT Questions
59:38 So what is your greatest commodity?
59:40 What do you be more productive?
1:00 What is your greatest challenge, internal or external

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