The Power of Going Virtual w/ This Mom Flips

In today’s episode let’s learn about virtual investing with Mom Flips. Lauren Hardy is a real estate investor with a “People First” approach to business. Investing in hundreds of properties in her career, Lauren has the unique reputation of being a successful “virtual investor” having not lived in many of the states she’s invested in. Lauren has been able to persevere in
extremely competitive markets by constantly following the market changes and being flexible and willing to move market territories when needed. She currently lives in Southern California with her two daughters but invests in
properties all over the country. 

Listen as Lauren’s answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips,  key metrics that will help you along your journey. Get inspired with this content as it will help expedite your learning.

Things You’ll Learn from this episode:

  • 5:55 Starting with wholesaling condos in pricey Orange County, Cali
  • 7:15 4 Months to close her 1st Deal
  • 9:15 How to find absentee owners
  • 10:00 1st Deal Struggles
  • 18:00 Making the transition to virtual wholesaling
  • 19:26 Picking the right virtual market
  • 20:45 How her curiosity moved her to become a virtual builder
  • 25:20 How Lauren started raising private capital
  • 31:30 The downside of virtual wholesaling
  • 33:30 Picking a virtual market
  • 40:30 This is what wholesaling is simply
  • 49:00 How to find an educator to help you

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