The Ins & Outs of Subject 2 Investing with William Tingle

Learn from William’s over 20 years of experience with creative financing with William Tingle.⠀⠀

William Tingle had worked in the restaurant business for almost 20 years when in 1999, he ordered the Carleton Sheets course. He read it and took a $5000 advance from a credit card to start his real estate investing career. Exactly one year later he quit his job for good, paid the credit card off, and has to this day never used a penny of his own money for investing.⠀

William has written several real estate training courses and runs, a website specializing in training investors on how to buy the property “subject to” the existing financing.

Listen as William’s answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey!

In this episode you will learn:

  • 3:52 Toughest thing starting out is cold calling
  • 5:50 Starting with local bank financing
  • 9:20 Sub 2 investing & a relocation company how is it similar
  • 10:30 How to position the sub 2 conversation
  • 13:20 1st Sub 2 deal; what he learned
  • 15:40 William’s target property avatar
  • 18:30 What a smart investor do with sub 2 investing
  • 21:30 Due on Sale Clause what is it and how it can affect your deal
  • 25:00 Transfer of title explained in Sub 2 deals
  • 26:00 Closing out the sub 2 deal
  • 27:28 Qualifying Sub 2 deals
  • 35:00 What to do if there is property damage by the tenant-buyer
  • 37:15 Why Sub 2 is a great way for a Newbie to start
  • 41:10 Sub 2 Investing how to educate an Agent or novice attorney
  • 45:40 HOT SEAT Questions

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