Talking Multi-Family Acquisitions with Axel Ragnarsson

STEP UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Why invest small with houses when you can go big with apartments? If you’re thinking to get into passive income, this episode is perfect for you!

Listen and learn from our special guest, Axel Ragnarsson to hear the stories of his struggles, successes, fears, and joys on his journey as he shares with us what he did behind 1door at the first deal to 250 units now.

So, today learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey. The stories shared will inspire and the content will help expedite your learning.

Watch/listen to the full episode as Axel’s answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point!



Axel Ragnarsson Bio:

Axel is an active real estate investor and is based in Boston, MA. He purchased his first multifamily property during his sophomore year at the University of New Hampshire where he earned degrees in Finance and Entrepreneurial Studies. While at UNH, he was a founding member and Co-Managing Director of the Rines Angel Fund, the first and only undergraduate student-managed angel investment fund in the country.

It was in his studies of alternative investments that he became interested in real estate investing, leading to the founding of his real estate investment firm, Brickleaf Properties, and is continually searching for new multifamily properties and communities to invest in. Currently, Brickleaf Properties owns approximately $7.2M in multifamily real estate, has flipped numerous homes, and has been a principal party in $18M+ worth of transactions.

Axel is also the host of The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, which is one of the most highly rated multifamily real estate podcasts in the industry.



๐Š๐„๐˜ ๐“๐€๐Š๐„๐€๐–๐€๐˜๐’:ย 

03:12 Backstory of Axel Ragnarsson (before going to Real Estate )
03:37 Axel interests in real estate flipping houses at 20 years of age
04:45 Mistakes on Axelโ€™s first real estate deal
06:58 Learn how Axel benefits from the power of proximity through internship
09:54 Important things every real estate beginner investor needs to know.
10:54 Importance of knowing your numbers is a must.
14:24 What are Axel’s real estate math formulas?
16:05 How does Axel build his self-confidence?
23:38 Axelโ€™s vacancy rate calculations
29:46 Axelโ€™s transition from a handful of deals being a mom pop operator to hundreds of units – strategies revealed!
30:33 Difference between Off Market and On Market real estate transactions
36:16 What needs to be done in your business to continue growing it.
37:56 Axelsโ€™ key to success – things you can start doing now
40:00 How does Axel deals with his imposter syndrome?
41:26 Axel shares his bad deals and what you can learn from this story.
45:45 The Hot Seat questions for Axel

Listen and learn so much moreโ€ฆ.




โ€œYou’re never going to know everything at any stage of any business you’re in because there’s always another levelโ€- Axel Ragnarsson


โ€œThere’s always something more. And you’re never going to know exactly what you need to do to get there. But somebody has done it. Right. So go find that person that’s done it. And, you can copy and business, right? It’s different from school. You can cheat on peopleโ€ – Axel Ragnarsson


โ€œWhen you’re really intentional about what needs to be done in your business to continue growing it, it becomes a lot easierโ€-ย Axel Ragnarsson


โ€œ This stuff takes time, understanding that if you pair consistency with patients, you’re going to get great results. Just keep plugging away on a daily basis. Figure out what your most important next step is to get to where you want to go. Just do that as many days in a row as you possibly can, and then just be patient and understand things are gonna happenโ€ – Axel Ragnarsson


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