Taking BIG Risk & Winning In Multifamily w/ Jennings Smith

Welcome to another awesome episode of the, We Love Equity Real  Estate Show with our special guest. Jennings Smith.

Jennings realized the power of cash-flowing real estate early on and decided to educate himself on how to grow that business, not with single-family homes, but by going after multifamily properties. He landed his first apartment deal in 2019 with a JV partnership. From there it grew until he has a portfolio of 500+ units so far. Today, let’s reveal his process and strategies.   


Key Takeaways: 

2:40  Jenning’s goal in building wealth, here’s how he started.
8:19  How Jennings handles adversity in his real estate journey and things you can learn
09:4  Why did Jennings decide on a trailer home investing?
16:13 Jennings shares his challenges and tips on facing them.
31:50 To become very wealthy, become best at raising money
35:58 Jennings from home trailers transition to the multi-family investor, tips inside.
39:24 On the other side of adversity, there is always a victory.
45:28 Tips on building your Empire – strategies, revealed!
46:26 The HOT Seat Round
49:57 Jennings’s first million in the multi-family deal revealed!

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