Successful Wholesaler Share His Start With A Few Simple Steps w/ Fade Amorolarna

Welcome to another awesome episode of the We Love Equity Real  Estate Show with our special guest Fade Amorolarna a 25yr old first gen bio engineer-turned-real estate investor out of the DMV market. Have been full-time in the real estate space since he graduated from college 4yrs ago.

In this episode, let’s reveal his process, of being a successful wholesaler and shares his start with his few simple steps.⁣


Key Takeaways:
👉 Fade Amorolarna’s background prior to Real Estate.
👉 How Fade becomes an entrepreneur.
👉 What is the benefit of wholesaling?
👉 How to leverage a relationship with a Homeowner as a Wholesaler?
👉 Fade’s marketing strategy revealed.
👉 Details on his first deal.
👉 Fades next steps to success, revealed!

Guest Quotes:

“The only way out is through”
“Equity comes and equity goes, but cash will always flow”
“People might forget what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”

Connect with Fade at:
Facebook – Fade Aromolaran
Instagram- @_obeyfaday
Tik tok – @_obeyfaday



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