Special Episode: Our Host Will Be The Guest As We Talk Real Estate

W.L.E.R.E. Special Episode: Our Host Will Be The Guest As We Talk Real Estate

Let’s talk real estate with Marcus. Our host will become our guest as Stephanie (Wife) will talk about their humble beginnings and what’s next.⠀

Marcus shares what novice and seasoned investors can do to continue to increase their portfolio.⠀

Show Notes:⠀
01:45 Who is Marcus Maloney?⠀
06:26 What are Aha Moments in his life?⠀
08:51 Walkthrough of his first marketing strategy to get his first sale.⠀
10:08 How does direct Email Marketing helps him to get into the first sale?⠀
12:02 How he build the first small buyer list?⠀
13:06 Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing⠀
15:05 Advice for the listener to get into the game of real estate investing.⠀

18:06 Greatest Challenge⠀
18:47 Latest Business book read and reading right now.⠀
Pivot by Jenny Blake⠀
18:58 What drives your ambitions⠀
19:44 One thing that he would like to do over again.⠀

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