Simple Steps to Raising Millions of Dollars with Russell Westcott

In Today’s episode, we have our special guest, Russell Westcott a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Author, Inspirational Public Speaker. Providing Real Estate Investors, with the knowledge and resources to start, grow & scale the Real Estate portfolio of their dreams. 

Russell’s presentations have been called passionate, entertaining, educational, and inspirational. At his core, he is a teacher, a master communicator, and has moved more than 250,000 with his books, audio programs, YouTube videos, interviews, and podcasts. To date, Russell has delivered more than 900+ public presentations, to all different platforms, over the past almost two decades of his Real Estate investing career. 

Today, Russell’s shares a framework on how to position your conversation with money partners Hint: 4 Ms (Money, Mortgage, Management, Mastery) so don’t miss this out and be sure to listen to the full episode and reveal the simple steps to raising MILLIONS of Dollars!



  • 5:43 Russell Westcott brief background on real estate
  • 8:04 Who is Russell prior to real estate—Russell’s Why’s 
  • 15:15 Details on how Russel acquired his first property  —Simple steps for you!
  • 20:19 Effective strategies for success  — Russell’s revealed!
  • 22:19 Russell’s financial fund strategies — a process that you can also use
  • 24:10 Russell simply pitches to have a partner on your first deal.
  • 26:19 What are the keys to a successful partnership?
  • 28:06 Keeping a beginner’s mindset is helpful for lots of great reasons.
  • 30:13 Ways to analyze a rental property.
  • 36:53 What is the “Cycle within yourself”?
  • 39:41 Remember the 4M’s variables in conversations with potential money partners.
  • 46:57 Canadian TRIVIA!  
  • 48:17 The 3 three pillars of real estate.
  • 55:34 The Hot Seat Round
  • Listen and learn so much more….

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