Shelby Osborne: Military Vet Who Built A 40 Door Portfolio In 2 Years

W.L.E.R.E. #13 Shelby Osborne: Military Vet Who Built A 40 Door Portfolio In 2 Years⠀

There are no excuses to listen to how this vet built her portfolio in just 2 years and 2018 Rookie Agent of the Year.⠀

Show Note Content:
On this Episode Shelby Osbornes discusses:⠀
1.) How to effectively use a VA Loan⠀
2.) Building a successful real estate team⠀
3.) Scaling from one unit to 40 in 2 years⠀
4.) Using BRRRR Strategy to increase holdings⠀
5.) Using OPM to scale⠀
6.) Raising private capital⠀
00:50 Shelby Osbourne Shelby Osbourne will actually be coming from a military perspective which I believe is a special niche and she is really rocking it in the Carolinas region Shelby is a six-year Army veteran with less than two years in real estate and 2018 she was the Keller Williams Rookie of the Year for the Carolinas region she’s the owner of the five pillars Realty Group and founder of the rear Meetup pints and properties and she’s the owner of 40 units in County.⠀
04:13 How did Shelby find the first tenants?⠀
04:32 How did Shelby find property management?⠀
05:57 What are Books of inspiration?⠀
07:34 Scaling from one unit to 40 in 2 years⠀
18:55 Scaling from one unit to 40 in 2 years⠀
29:47 How Shelby’s find all these deals⠀
33:06 What is the motivation word from Shelby to the seller?35:32 Acronym in cat that Shelby uses with her team.⠀
40:10 How Shelby think her investing is impacting the communities?⠀

41:11 Greatest commodity outside of the capital.⠀
41:24 One thing you could do to be more productive.⠀
41:46 What drives your ambitions?⠀
41:58 What do you believe is your greatest challenge internal or external?⠀
42:12 What’s the latest business book you have read? Traction by Gino Wickman⠀
42:32 What’s your latest real estate book. The BRRRR By David M Greene⠀
43:16 Inspiration message for Newbie Investors⠀

“Take action now! A year from now you’ll wish that you started today!”⠀

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Traction by Gino Wickman⠀
Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki⠀

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