Owner, Operator, Syndicator of over 85 million in Real Estate Assets

Title: W.L.E.R.E. #11 Owner, Operator, Syndicator of over 85 million in Real Estate Assets
Subtitle: Learn how this real estate investor started with a house hack and now has a portfolio of over 85 Million
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From fortune 500 employee to Operator/Syndicator and Investor of over 85 million in real estate assets. John discusses some failures and successes along his journey.

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John discuss why doing what you want in real estate is the key to success
Always trust but verify use your intuition when working with contractors
The importance of knowing your numbers when evaluating a deal
How to start small and work to build a multimillion dollar portfolio


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Instagram: @jcasmon


LinkedIn: John Casmon

Email: John@casmoncapital.com


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