Multi-Family House Hack to 100+ Units with Brie Schmidt

This episode is packed with valuable pieces of information. We talk about how Multi-Family House Hack up to 100+ Units with Brie Schmidt.⠀

Make sure to watch this the full episode and find surprising answers to HOT SEAT QUESTIONS and you’ll learn some strategies that they only REVEAL here!⠀

Brie acquired her first investment property in 2011 and left the corporate world in 2014 when she became a full-time real estate investor. Brie is the Managing Broker of Second City Real Estate, a full-service brokerage working with new investors and seasoned investors looking to expand their knowledge of the industry and their portfolio.⠀

Brie utilizes her extensive knowledge of building and managing a portfolio to teach clients about all aspects of buy and hold investing. Brie teaches you how to analyze potential properties, how to calculate your ROI, best practices when marketing and leasing your rental property, and how to be a landlord and build a portfolio. Brie’s job does not end when you close on a property; she is always available to help you throughout the process and scale your business.⠀

Brie is a Co-Founder at The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, a non-profit educational summit for real estate investors. This three-day annual event provides new to experienced investors with the tools and connections necessary to build a real estate business.⠀

Show Notes:⠀

• 4:33 Smart Decision & Best Buy⠀
• 6:00 When the phrase “When I Retire” changed my life⠀
• 11:52 Found 1st tenant through Craigslist⠀
• 13:00 Google contracts and leasing docs⠀
• 14:23 Self Management disaster⠀
• 16:15 Learning land-lording the hard way⠀
• 17:35 Multi-State Investing⠀
• 18:00 Did she say arson to her property while in Europe⠀
• 19:10 Monitoring property insurance coverage⠀
• 20:35 3 Day trip across the Midwest with 500k to burn⠀
• 22:20 Commercial lending struggles⠀
• 23:25 Aggressive growth plan 18 units in 19 months⠀
• 24:43 How Brie found financing through LinkedIn⠀
• 26:26 Know how your lender underwrites⠀
• 29:00 Knowing your real estate math⠀
• 30:35 This one question added 18 units to her portfolio⠀

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• 37:00 Communicate with transparency⠀
• 38:30 Learn to give up control⠀
• 41:50 The start of Second City Real Estate begins with education⠀
• 47:00 What to look for as an investor agent⠀
• 48:30 How to vet an investor agent before hiring them⠀
• 54:25 Midwest Real Estate Investor Summit⠀

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