Level Jumping to a Million Dollar Wholesale Company with Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons is a real estate investor, podcaster, and speaker who shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk at his Agent2021 Conference in Miami Gardens, Florida, in 2018.⠀

He is the producer and host of a popular podcast called ‘’Just Start Real Estate’’ and a partner in ‘’7 Figure Flipping’’ – one of the nation’s largest real estate mastermind groups. Most recently, he has written a new book titled ‘’Level Jumping: How I Grew My Business to Over $1 Million in Profits in 12 Months’’ which tells the story of his success as an entrepreneur and real estate investor.⠀

Make sure to watch this episode, find surprising answers to HOT SEAT QUESTIONS and you’ll learn some strategies that they only REVEAL here!⠀
9:55 Fix & Flip with credit cards⠀
11:25 Mechanics lien because the general contractor didn’t pay subs⠀
12:28 importance of having a contract with GC⠀
13:35 power of mentorship⠀
15:17 starting low carpet paint flip⠀
16:15 biggest mistake when starting out trying to make the numbers work⠀
19:39 Accelerate with wife’s support⠀
19:59 The worst number in business⠀
24:30 Stumbled upon 15k (intro to wholesale)⠀
27:00 why wholesaling is more lucrative the flipping⠀
27:30 Bad appraisals⠀
29:00 Power of Process⠀
32:40 Commercial Propstream link (http://trial.propstreampro.com/weloveequity/)⠀
PropStream is the only professional tool that gives you the data software and analytics to solve real-world problems across the entire country!⠀
33:45 7 Figure Flipping how he expanded and exploded his business⠀
39:00 Power of Accountability⠀
40:30 Deal sources and marketing⠀
46:28 Starting over what would you do differently?⠀
47:09 What is the greatest commodity outside of Capital⠀
47:20 What is that you can do to be more productive?⠀
48:21 What is your greatest challenge? Internal or external?⠀
51:22 How can we get the book and how can we be a part of Seven Figure Flipping?⠀

Connect with Mike Simmons:⠀
EMAIL: Mike@JustStartRealEstate.com⠀
GET A COPY OF LEVEL JUMPING: https://amzn.to/2OiKiQb⠀

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