Maximizing Profitability & Paying Yourself 1st in Real Estate w/ David Richter

Hey there, amazing listeners! I am thrilled to announce the release of our latest podcast episode that is packed with valuable insights and takeaways. In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting the brilliant David Richter from Simple CFO, who shared his expertise on financial freedom and building a successful business. Here are key takeaways from this incredible episode.


Key Takeaways:
[00:06:43] Scaling and financial challenges.
[00:08:28] Cleaning up financial messes.
[00:11:24] Struggling with finances in business.
[00:14:14] Managing cash in business.
[00:15:51] Financial freedom.
[00:18:47] Reinvesting and scaling in business.
[00:22:04] The epidemic of financial ignorance.
[00:25:44] Not paying yourself in business.
[00:29:39] Psychological issues with entrepreneurship.
[00:31:03] Scarcity mentality in entrepreneurship.
[00:33:55] Finding your keep number.
[00:37:26] The game of money.
[00:39:46] A breath of fresh air.
[00:44:21] Profit first for real estate.
[00:45:43] Real estate investment strategies.


David Richter Bio

David Richter is an active real estate investor who has been essential in closing over 850 deals over the last 10 years. He has experience with wholesale, turnkey, BRRRR, owner finance, rentals, lease options, and any other exit strategy you can think of. While growing and building a real estate business from 5 to over 25 deals a month, he realized that as much money was coming in, it was all going right out the door. With the unique opportunity of being in every seat as a real estate investor, he found a calling in the company’s finance seat to help businesses see where their money really went. David has helped real estate companies completely turn around from going out of business to building cash reserves by using the Profit First cash flow system. He has been featured on Biggerpockets, Real Estate Disruptors with Steve Trang, and many other podcasts, shows, and stages. To help even more people, he wrote Profit First for Real Estate Investing – a derivative of the original Profit First by Mike Michalowicz that is tailored specifically to Real Estate Investors. His goal is to completely transform the Real Estate Investing industry by helping real estate investors make and KEEP more money in their businesses. As the founder and owner of SimpleCFO Solutions, he wants to bring investors true financial clarity and freedom and help every investor stop living deal to deal.


Connect with David Richter at:

LinkedIn: David Richter

Website: Simplecfosoulution

Instagram: richterscale91

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