Mike Del Prete: Master Wholesaler Who’s Creativity Help Him Complete Over 500 Deals

W.L.E.R.E. #5 Mike Del Prete: Master Wholesaler Who’s Creativity Help Him Complete Over 500 Deals⠀

Learn how this wholesaler capitalized on an opportunity and closed 500 deals⠀
Learn from a master wholesaler Mike Del Prete. In just a few years he’s completed over 500 transactions to solidify himself in the Phoenix real estate landscape.⠀
Learn marketing strategies, negotiating, and other creative strategies to get deals done.⠀

01:11 First of all, who is Mike Prete⠀
08:47 How long does it take you to get your first deal?⠀
20:29 Which transaction had the biggest impact on your career?⠀
34:22 How do you think the investing that you’re doing is an impact in the community⠀
36:46 What would you do differently than when you did when you first started?⠀
48:41 Any last pointers or anything like that you want to give our listeners?⠀
47:49 How can our listeners reach you?⠀

Connect with Mike Del Prete:⠀



The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday

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