Learn How This Power Couple Became High End Developers

In this episode of the We Love Equity Real Estate Show, host Marcus Maloney introduces husband and wife team Brian and Marilyn Yelder, who specializes in high-end builds, ground-up development, and construction. Marilyn shares how she got involved in real estate after losing her job due to COVID, and how she started working with Brian on their real estate projects. The couple shares their insights and experiences in the real estate industry, offering valuable tips and advice for listeners.


Key takeaways:

[00:00:11] Passive real estate investing.
[00:05:19] Real estate investing pivot.
[00:07:33] Ground-up development and networking.
[00:11:15] Building a Trustworthy Network.
[00:17:54] Unexpected contingencies during construction.
[00:18:42] Money as a defense.
[00:22:19] Learning from Failure.
[00:26:03] Overcoming real estate challenges.
[00:31:02] Rental property investment strategy.
[00:33:28] Job loss turned blessing.
[00:38:09] Getting back into real estate.
[00:42:00] Transition into luxury market.
[00:45:00] Luxury products and quality.
[00:48:14] Luxury Real Estate Financing.
[00:51:47] Pursuing Your Passion.
[00:55:15] Real estate investing for beginners.
[00:58:53] Enjoying the journey.


Connect with Brian and Marilyn

Phone number: 2483464794

Instagram: Brian Yelder 

Facebook: Brian Yelder 


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