How Levi Used Social Media To Close 165 Real Estate Transactions

On the show, we have Levi Lascsak who partnered with Travis Plumb and they closed their first 2 transactions from the Youtube channel in April 2021. Over the next year, they generated 164 transactions, $90M in production, and $2.7M in commissions with zero ad spend from the channel. They now own the fastest growing and most viewed real estate YouTube channel in Dallas Texas and generate 3-5 inbound leads per day, asking what’s the secret?  Tune in and reveal.


Key Takeaways: 

  • 2:55 Get to know Levi Lascsak 
  • 9:42 Details on how Levi built his brand as a new real estate agent on YouTube.
  • 17:15  Why Levi loves Youtube and how he leverages it in his business.
  • 18:50 Do an extra effort to promote your business. 
  • 35:38 Building a rapport is important
  • 35:38 Knowing your audience is a must 
  • 39:58 How Powerful is Youtube
  • 42:26 Books are still reliable 
  • 47:40 Take a massive action 
  • 50:13 No age limit for success 

“Choose Your Hard”
“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”



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