Craig Curelop: House Hacking 101 From 0k In Debt To Financial Freedom In 2 Years

W.L.E.R.E. #6 Craig Curelop: House Hacking 101 From 0k In Debt To Financial Freedom In 2 Years⠀

Craig Curelop, aka thefiguy is an aggressive pursuer of financial independence. Starting with a net worth of negative $30k in 2016, he has aggressively saved and invested to become financially independent in 2019. From sleeping on the couch and renting out his car, he was able to invest in two house hacks in Denver and a BRRRR in Jacksonville. He plans to continue to invest in both Denver and Jacksonville for years to come. Craig’s story has caught the attention of several media outlets, including the Denver Post, BBC, and many other real estate/personal finance podcasts. He hopes to inspire the masses to grab hold of their finances and achieve financial independence.⠀

Shownotes and Lessons from today’s Episode Podcast:⠀
3:00 Craig get on massively debt and transition to now being financially free⠀
4:20 Why Craig chose Real Estate⠀
6:03 How did Craig find this duplex⠀
7:08 With the thirty thousand dollars in debt moving from California to Denver how did Craig finance this property⠀
9:25 Regards to Craig’s Duplex, How did he find a way to find a tenant and all of the stuff regarding Duplex even though it’s fearful⠀
14:54 Storytime of Craig’s living downstairs while his tenant living upstairs⠀
31:09 Craig’s secret to keeping his properties cozy and welcoming to tenants⠀
33:13 How Craig deals with turning over the Properties⠀
35:36 What’s Craig financing strategy⠀
36:53 What’s Craig’s next plan⠀
38:40 Craig’s last words about himself⠀

Connect with Craig Curelop:

The House Hacking Strategy

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