Stuart Gethner: From Pharmacist To Master Real Estate Educator Doing Multiple Flips & Multi Family Investing

W.L.E.R.E. #7 Stuart Gethner: From Pharmacist To Master Real Estate Educator Doing Multiple Flips & Multi-Family Investing⠀

Marcus speaks with Stuart regarding his transition from working a job as a pharmacist to becoming a master real estate investor and educator. While consistently completing successful flips and increasing his passive income with multifamily investing Stuart his teaching his process to other investors.⠀
15 years teaching for the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association, 12 online classes for the National REIA, and Real Estate Instructor with Integrated Wealth System.⠀

Shownotes and lessons you’ll get from Today’s Episode:⠀
1:18 Who is Stuart Gethner?⠀
2:38 What’s the motivation and inspiration of Stuart on getting started on real estate⠀
5:20 What was some of the coursework that Stuart followed?⠀
7:00 The first transaction that Stuart got on real estate⠀
8:17 How did Stuart finance, Is it hard money, private money or your own money?⠀
9:41 How did Stuart find a realtor named Jill⠀
11:15 After having a realtor, How did Stuart find a contractor⠀
12:57 After having a successful first deal, what did Stuart do next⠀
15:32 What are Stuart doing currently right now⠀
17:39 How did Stuart make a $90,000 fixing flip deal in Arizona⠀
19:39 How long did it take Stuart to get that one wrapped as far as the construction⠀
21:26 What was Stuart’s most creative deal⠀
24:52 What are Stuart doing with his educational piece/space⠀
30:44 If Stuart will be starting all over again, what would he do differently⠀
37:22 Stuart Gethner Word of Inspiration⠀

Connect with Stuart Gethner:⠀⠀⠀⠀

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