From New York to Las Vegas Realtor Jason Griggs Shares His Success With Short Term Rentals | WLERE #89

On the show, we have our special guest, Jason Griggs a real estate investor, short-term rental property owner, and operator joins Marcus Maloney and shares his successful journey in which he has sold over 20 million dollars worth of properties and built his own real estate investment portfolio.

He made a bold transition from one coast to the next coast from one occupation and industry to another.

And before we get into his story, I just really want you guys to really sit down, pay attention, and listen because he has some very inspirational things that he wanna share with you guys today. Tune in and enjoy. ⁣⁣

Key Takeaways: 

5:37 Jason transitions from a teacher🧑‍🏫 to real estate  🏘

8:12 Jason’s FIRST step to getting into real estate.

10:26 Jason’s learning process was revealed! 

12:52 Analogy of “You can’t do anything unless you actually go through it”

15:29 Jason’s WHY’s real estate.

16:04 Details on a first flip house

17:47 Stigma of “I’m a realtor, I don’t want to work with wholesaler”

19:14 Jason transitioned on building his rental portfolio – tips inside!

21:38 Learn the foundation in your own backyard first.  

23:31 A long-term game in real estate.

28:53 Transition to short-term rental properties (Airbnb)

35:41 The Power of Leverage 

36:27 Tips on how Jason’s finding properties and short rentals.

37:41 Tips for effectively managing short-term rentals

Connect with Jason Griggs at:

Instagram: @Jgriggsrealestate⁣

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