From Homeless To 1400 Deals with Justin Colby

Title: W.L.E.R.E. #10 From Homeless To 1400 Deals with Justin Colby
Subtitle: Wholesalers Learn Marketing Tips and How to Talk with Sellers
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Justin Colby is the Founder and President of The Science of Flipping and Phoenix Wealth Builders. The Science of Flipping is a top-ranked real estate investing Podcast on iTunes and he now has a second podcast out called, The Entrepreneur DNA for those going through the entrepreneurial journey. Phoenix Wealth Builders is a professional real estate investment company specializing in purchasing, rehab, wholesaling, wholesaling, in the Metro Phoenix Area. Most recently Justin has taken on the project of launching an iBuyer into 6 markets in 2019 and another 4 to start Q1 of 2020.

Justin has been real estate investing since 2007. Ironic time to become a real estate investor as the markets were changing and all the conventional rules of real estate investing were being thrown out of the window. He didn’t start out in real estate as an investor, in fact, he first cut his teeth in real estate in 2005 when he became a real estate agent and joined his friend in starting a real estate brokerage.

He has flipped and wholesaled over 1200 properties to date. Justin is a master at finding deals in a market that many say is the most difficult market to be a real estate investor. Not only is he a very active and successful investor, but he also is a very powerful and successful real estate coach and public speaker who has mentored nearly 1000 real estate investors nationwide.

Key Show Content:

Wholesalers Learn Marketing Tips
How to Talk with Sellers
The Secret Strategies to closer over 500 transaction
Important Key Concepts to Manage a Team?
How Investing Impacted the Community You Invest In?
How Coaching & Mentorship helped you along the way, and why is it an important aspect for Newbies?

Show Notes:

1:21/ 2:56 Who is Justin Colby

5:07 Why Real Estate versus anything/something else

9:23 – 11:11 What did Justin did to keep motivated and get going

12:05 How did he get his first deal? (strategy revealed)

14:26 Justin’s biggest piece of advice

15:25 What kind of realtor Justin had

17:03 Justin shared the struggles of being a newbie and how to face it

17:58 In general, what’s the first thing you should get

18:55 “What if im broke, and can’t afford to get a coach?”

24:31 How important/vital is networking?

26:51 What Strategy progression up until to 2020 Justin did to secure deals

28:08 BONUS! Justin shared some helpful apps (with a discount + no.1 tool for him)

32:26 Doing different strategies, Who are Justin’s team targeting and how is that conversation facilitated

35:46 How to build a rapport (ex. when you’re a newbie)

Hot seat Questions(Fire Round):

Starting over what would you do different 38:36
What is your greatest commodity outside of capital 38:57
What is one thing you could do to be more productive 39:14
What drives your ambition 40:18
What do you believe is your greatest challenge (internal or external) not mentioned
What is the latest business book you’ve read 41:28
What is the latest real estate book you’ve read 43:16
What do believe is one characteristic an investor needs to have to be successful 44:15
What is Justin’s next plan 45:10
One last tip of Justin 46:26