From 8-80 Doors with No Money with Michael Zuber

In today’s episode, Let’s reveals how Michael takes advantage of 1031 exchange to increase his portfolio. Listen to the walkthrough of Michael Journey to Financial Independence through Real Estate, from  8-80 Doors with No Money. 

Michael Zuber (1972 – Hopefully Decades from Now) One Rental at a Time was never intended to be a book or YouTube channel but simply was how he had to build his portfolio as he was too busy at work and with the ly to think about anything except finding the next rental.⠀

Now Michael focuses on helping people believe they can get to “4 Rentals” as that can change your family’s life in a huge way.⠀

He also believes we need to help our next generation believe that they don’t have to work in a job they don’t like for 40 years hoping for a good retirement. Real Estate is a Path that offers so much to so many. ⠀

Listen to the full episode as Michael answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey!


  • 8:00 No Magic 1st Deal From
  • 9:58 Day 1 using a property manager
  • 10:35 1st 5 property manager was a failure
  • 14:30 His why kept him going after doubt and failures
  • 17:50 Shift from single-family to multifamily units
  • 20:40 From 8-80 units
  • 20:45 The basics of 1031 Exchange explained
  • 24:30 Retirees a good niche for tenants
  • 25:45 8-80 units with no new capital
  • 27:43 What is Hard Money and how to keep buying private money
  • 29:50 The key to raising private money
  • 41:00 15 year sacrifice created 175 units
  • 46:50 One rental at a time
  • 47:49  HOT SEAT Questions and Answers portion⠀

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