Scott Hannum: Finding Off Market Deals

W.L.E.R.E. #8 Scott Hannum: Finding Off-Market Deals⠀

Professional marketer using creative direct calling to generate deals using call centered⠀
Scott Hannum is a local professional real estate investor and he has other specialties and skillsets, and he’s been in the marketing and call center field for multiple years. He has a call center based out of Mexico and a real estate investor himself here in Phoenix in the local market.⠀

Show Notes and Lessons you’ll get from this episode:⠀
0:56 Who is Scott Hannum?⠀
01:44 A little bit more background about Scott Hannum⠀
3:00 What was Scott’s inspiration in getting into lead generation and marketing space?⠀
5:15 How did Scott did his transition?⠀
6:39 Scott did dig a little deeper on why does he believe that doing the direct calling is more impactful than SEO, FB ads, door-knocking, etc.⠀
10:34 Scott detailed the triggers that he knows to look/find for the motivation⠀
14:36 How did Scott’s team got a deal thru the call center⠀
18:31 How Scott and his team provide their leads?⠀
20:52 What was the disposition of the mobile home?⠀
25:36 What are some of the results in metrics that Scott and his team use to identify if a campaign is successful or not⠀
32:34 What are the next plan of Scott to increase profitability⠀
33:49 What does Scott see the marketing and the call center activities going in the future⠀

Hot Seat Questions:⠀
36:51 What would you do differently working with the call center and real estate investing⠀
38:35 What is the greatest commodity outside of the capital⠀
39:38 What are some of the techniques or something that you do to remain productive⠀
41:34 What drives your ambition? Why are you doing all of this?⠀
43:26 What do you believe is your greatest challenge internally and externally?⠀
46:19 Word of Inspiration from Scott Hannum⠀

Connect with Scott Hannum:⠀⠀ (Company Website)⠀ (Company Website)⠀

Book Request:⠀
The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg⠀
Compound Effect by Darren Hardy⠀

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