Family Fortune: Building A Real Estate Empire w/ Platinum Group Advisors

In today’s episode, it’s very important to remember “Big journeys begin with small steps.”

Let’s welcome our special guest, Clarence Darrick Chavis Brothers they are a family who runs a Brokerage serving as a complete solution for real estate investors and first-time home-buyers. Their services include licensed real estate agents, renovation and additions under a licensed general contractor, property management services, and property staging in preparation for the sale of properties.


Today, let’s listen and learn from them on how they have done transformational things in their business from utilizing an FHA loan with one single fourplex to One Stop Shop For All Your Real Estate Needs​ now.

So don’t miss this episode, let’s reveal their process, their strategies, and how their investments transform their lives and the communities they invest in.

Make sure to watch/listen to the full episode as Platinum Group Advisors answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey.




  • 3:11 Get to know Clarence Darrick Chavis Brothers
  • 5:25 How Clarence Darrick Chavis Brothers manage everything from a construction company, the brokerage, to a staging company and property management company?
  • 7:16 How Clarence Darrick Chavis Brothers got started? 
  • 09:30 21 years of business now using the  FHA Loan on their first-ever deal – strategy revealed.
  • 12:37  Why fourplex versus traditional single-family?
  • 15:45 One-Stop Shop For All Your Real Estate Needs
  • 20:46 Tips on how to find good contractors. 
  • 25:36 Off-market deals explained
  • 32:20 Good tips to have one exit strategy
  • 36:57 Tips on how to manage a team with one vision
  • 49:49 Marcus Maloney Episode -Recap

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