Deal Finding & List Stacking w/ Anson Young

In today’s episode, learn how to find effectively market to find deals and get some marketing strategies that are working & list stacking w/ Anson Young.

Anson Young is the owner of Anson Property Group based in Denver, Colorado, which specializes in distressed property purchases. As a full-time real estate investor and agent for the past ten years, he has completed over 100 wholesale deals and 75 flips. Anson Property Group is committed to changing communities, helping homeowners, and building long-term wealth. When not working, Anson can be found exploring the wilds of Colorado by hiking the Rocky Mountains with his family, reading favorite books to his son, and attending loud rock concerts.

Listen/watch the full episode as Anson Young answered our HOT SEAT questions directly to the point and learn actionable tips and key metrics that will help you along your journey!โ €โ €
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๐Š๐„๐˜ ๐“๐€๐Š๐„๐€๐–๐€๐˜๐’:โ €

6:50 Failed business and lawsuits pushed this entrepreneur to real estate investing
12:10 How DJ started in real estate
16:35 The power of mentorship and how to use it effectively
22:07 All that you have is all you need.
25:09 Closing her 1st deal for $15k
27:05 Less talking and more listening on how to communicate with sellers
28:15 This car salesmen tactic with direct mail is her go to
33:00 How mentorship pulls your learning and action together
37:40 Remove your crutches and walk
41:00 $10 to $114,000 on 1 dealโ€ฆโ€ฆ.. What The Heck
44:30 Power of relationships
50:00 Using self-directed IRAs to start her flipping business
53:00 How your credibility will get you in the right room
59:45 Working other markets and how she is scaling her business
1:03:00 Virtual wholesaling what list DJ starts with.โ €โ €
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