Chris Explains How He’s Killing The Virtual Wholesale Business In INDY

Today we have our special guest, Chris Gould, the owner of Indy Home Offer. He is a virtual wholesaling expert doing over $1mil in wholesale deals alone per year. His new company, Predictive Seller, uses artificial intelligence to identify the prospects in your city that are most likely to sell off-market at discount to an investor. And in this episode, the process and strategies behind his success are here to be revealed! So listen to the full episode and enjoy.

πŠπ„π˜ π“π€πŠπ„π€π–π€π˜π’:
3::08 Chris Gould prior to real estate
5:48 First real estate deal was a nightmare.
7:47 Second deal – light-bulb moment
9:34 Knowing your core value is a must
7:45 Mentorship is key to your success.
12:37 Details on Chris’ FHA loan
15:30 Chris marketing strategy, revealed!
17:29 Importance of having a mentor, explained.
21:33 What is the value of consistency?
22:51 When you are scaling, things you must be considered.
23:34 Here’s how Chris build the wholesaling funnel.
29:33 Chris’ game changer.
34:53 Go back to your first journey and know where you’re trying to go.
36:36 Chris mistakes he made in the beginning.
40:19 Once that accountability sets in, it’s very difficult for people to hide their underperformance.
44:01 Chris revealed he’s revenue in a month.
45:22 TC and disposition explained.
46:32 Things you need to realize to virtual wholesaling.
48:22 Buddy-buddy with your buyers might a bad dea.
52:33 Encouragement of getting a deal.