Kenny Dahill: Building A Rental Portfolio Out Of College

W.L.E.R.E. #9 Kenny Dahill: Building A Rental Portfolio Out Of College⠀

Key Show Content:
● How to Build A Rental Portfolio Out Of College with Kenny Dahill⠀
● What better strategy to use in marketing and buying estates⠀
● The secret sauce to be successful like Kenny⠀
● At a young age, how to use your money in a smarter and more practical⠀
● How to find properties easier⠀
● Which is more worth it doing in your properties? House heck or just strictly⠀
● Why is it important to have a close relationship between your Family⠀
members and to have a close friend to call on.⠀
● How to compete against all the flippers and win back⠀
● What strategy works best to find perfect tenants⠀
● What are some things to consider when renovating⠀

Show Notes:⠀
● 0:57 Who is Kenny Dahill⠀
● 2:34 A little more background about Kenny⠀
● 4:14 What was Kenny’s inspiration to get into real estate⠀
● 5:25 What was Kenny’s first business transaction as a child⠀
● 7:13 Kenny’s first real estate transaction and how did his first purchase went⠀
● 12:28 The secret sauce⠀
● 13:51 The next steps Kenny did⠀
● 15:09 How did Kenny find his next 2 properties⠀
● 18:20 How did you find your Hard Money lender and what made you think about that⠀
● 24:55 What strategy did Kenny use to find his tenants⠀
● 28:43 How did Kenny navigate if they didn’t pay the rent and if they paid, how he⠀
manages it. Thru tech skinny?⠀
● 33:52 Which property or what transaction had the biggest impact on Kenny’s career⠀
● 34:48 Did Kenny have a hard deal/transaction/situation between his tenants⠀
● 38:59 Kenny being a proprietor of Burbz, what is it all about and how can you find it and⠀
how to use it⠀
● 43:14 What is Kenny doing right now? Looking to buy more rentals or focusing on his⠀
entrepreneurial endeavor.⠀

Hot Seat Questions:⠀
45:42 Starting over, what would you do differently?⠀
45:56 What is your greatest commodity outside of the capital⠀
46:05 What is one thing you can do to be more productive⠀
46:49 What drives your ambition?⠀
48:00 Last words of Kenny Dahill⠀

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Book Request: Zappos: Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh⠀

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